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Your One-Stop Advertising Dashboard

There are hundreds of free websites that will give you thousands of advertising credits right now, but trying to use them all is a nightmare... until now.

EzAdz lets you manage your advertising on all these sites from a single dashboard. You can register, claim your free credits and set up your ads... and never look back.

  1. 1
    Create Your EzAdz Campaigns

    You set up your banner campaigns, login ads, full page rotators and more on EzAdz.

  2. 2
    Embed Your Campaign Codes

    Import your preferred traffic sites, claim your free credits and enter your ad codes & campaign links.

  3. 3
    Manage Everything From EzAds

    Now that you're set up, you can make changes here anytime and your ads will update everywhere automatically.

The EzAdz platform makes everything faster... simpler... better!

Our Traffic Engine finds the best free sites with the most ad credits, so you can get set up fast!

Our Advertising Dashboard lets you manage everything here, so you rarely have to go back!

Our Plug-n-Play Tools leverage all your efforts and multiply your results over and over.

Here's just some of what you'll get when you join for free today

Custom Banner Rotators

You can put any banner size you like into rotators on virtually any traffic website.

Easy Website Rotators

Add our rotator link and you can swap it out... or add more pages... anytime you like.

Personal Traffic Engine

Manage all your major traffic sites with key info, easy links and custom reminders.

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Full Page & Login Ads

These are the best value free ads these sites give away so be sure to claim them all.

Email Library

Save all your solo and safelist emails in once place, ready to re-use on any site you visit.

300+ Traffic Sites

Use our one-click import to preload your Traffic Engine, or add your own list of sites.

Take control of your online advertising today!

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If You're Ever Going To Succeed Online You Need To Get Smart About Traffic!

Working for single-use traffic credits is the worst possible use of your time.

No matter how hard you work at it... reading emails, clicking ads, traffic surfing... every day you're going to end up right back where you started... needing traffic.

About the only people who'll ever tell you this is a viable business strategy are the ones who own the traffic sites...

Or those who want you to send traffic to their websites and their offers.

Either way, you're working for them... for nothing!

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